Deep Freeze

Well, looks like the pine trees were right and Environment Canada not so right!  Deep Freeze is the right name for a winter camp for teens, currently underway at Mount Forest Camp.  Read on to see why we thought we were in for a deep chill.  Perhaps it will eventually be discovered that trees have a memory ability that permits them to prepare for future weather conditions, not just reflect the season that’s ending!

October Post: The church here has the benefit of being located only 20 minutes drive from Mount Forest Camp, which it sponsors.  The Camp was established in 1963, but largely served city children, for whom a week in the countryside was a rare pleasure.  City kids are still a large proportion of campers, but local needs have also been met by running a Day Camp.  This is for 5-10 year olds and the program runs from 9.30am-3:30pm each day.  The large number of repeat campers at all the camps confirms they are highly popular with campers and families who bring them.

This year, the Camp has introduced a new website with the capability to register and pay online.  Within 24 hours of its launch, one week of children’s camp was completely booked for boys!  Teen Camp is now over. Between Christmas and New Year some of those hardy teens will want to brave winter conditions and return for Deep Freeze. Pine trees here are producing cones abundantly, which some say is the sign of a harsh winter to come, so it looks like “Deep Freeze” may be aptly named! What is more certain is that those attending any of the camps this year will have left with warm hearts. The Camp advertises itself as “100 acres of natural beauty; a Christian environment to grow in.” One of the growth opportunities for young people in churches of God is to serve as a volunteer worker at Camp, and several of our teens from the Mount Forest House Church have enjoyed that experience this year.

It is very encouraging to recognize that all counselling staff at Mount Forest Camp work on a voluntary basis.  This helps keep fees low (Day Camp is only $40 per week, all meals, snacks, crafts and everything else included!).

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