Food for Thought

Our weekly Bible study for adults is to focus tonight on Philippians chapter 3. Here are the starter questions:
1. “Rejoice in the Lord” is a common phrase in the Bible; what does it involve?
2. How can we “worship by the Spirit of God”(v.3)? Is it true of all Christian worship?
3. What is so special about the tribe of Benjamin that Paul would emphasize that genealogy?
4. Which church did Paul persecute?
5. “…knowing Christ Jesus my Lord” and “…know Him” (v.8,10) must involve more than just head knowledge of facts about Jesus; what does Paul mean?
6. Is Paul doubting he will be resurrected (v.11)? Or what is he thinking about here?
7. Verse 13 and 14 are a lifestyle motto of sorts; any comments?
8. What are the implications and applications of verse 16?
9. If we want people to imitate us, what must we be careful about (v.17)?
10. What is the impact on our present lives of our citizenship being in heaven?
11. In what ways does v.21 provide comfort to us?
You may have other points to raise about this Bible passage. Let us know, and if you’re local, come and join in at 7:30pm!