Food for Thought


Many think at Christmastime of the coming of Christ. People hoped for it to happen before Jesus was born. So we could call this a season of hope. At our Food for Thought Bible studies over the next month we’ll look at the coming of Messiah, the promise of it, the fulfillment of that promise, and the effects for us. Here are the starter questions, this week about “the hope”:

Isaiah 9:1-2,6-7 first.

1. This is a prophecy about the Messiah coming. What is meant by “people walking in darkness”?
2. When did Isaiah expect his predictions to happen? Is his prophecy all fulfilled now, or is some still to be hoped for?
3. Why is the order of v.6 important? Would our hope be any different if it said: “For to us a son is born, to us a child is given”?
4. Why is Messiah being a wonderful counsellor a source of hope?
5. If Messiah is “Mighty God” does that mean he is less than “Almighty God”? Were the Jews to hope for a God-like man or man who is God?
6. Why would the Son of God be described as “Everlasting Father”?
7. Is the “prince of peace” a lesser title than King? Why would “prince” be used in this prophecy? See also Acts 5:31

Romans 13:11-14 next.
1. What is meant by the “salvation” mentioned in v.11?
2. If we are truly hoping for that salvation to arrive, what difference should it make in our lives now? Is that a vain hope?

You may have other points to raise about this Bible passage. Let us know, and if you’re local, come and join in at 7:30pm!