Food for Thought

This is a weekly adult Bible study, and for the coming few weeks we are looking at the book of Colossians.C

Colossians 3:

1.      Looking at verses 1-2, where else in the scriptures does Jesus Christ Himself teach in His ministry with similar words?

2.      From verse 3-4 explain in context what is meant by the hiding and appearing of your life.

3.      How do verses 5-11 re-emphasize what is mentioned in the previous chapter?

4.      In verse 12 what can we learn from the order of the honourable traits we are to clothe ourselves with for holy living?

5.      Explain the practical process to successfully fulfil verse 13-15.

6.      From verse 16, how do we attain the richness of Christ in a way that will be beneficial to teach others and encourage the type of singing that will bring delight to the Lord?

7.      What type of heart does verse 17 suggest we should maintain?

8.      Why does God delight in verses 18-19 being well executed in our spousal relationships?

9.      Provide an example from verse 20 how a child is to do this in a difficult unhealthy situation.

10.    Provide an example based on verse 21 how a father could unintentionally make this mistake and how to avoid it.

11.    How important is it for somebody to honor authorities above them in this way (verse 22), and what will be their reward?

12.    What do verses 23-24 look like practically in our service for the Lord?

13. What other Bible references do we know of that will help clarify and support the meaning of verse 25?