Yet some will be struggling today with earthly loss, and the surrounding festivities will not lessen it.  We may wonder at God’s feelings as His Son was born as the baby, Jesus.  What would be a delightful event for so many, was for Him the next painful step towards an inevitably more painful one.  Daily there would be fresh emphasis on the saddening reality that the miracle of Jesus’ birth would soon have to be eclipsed again by the miracle of His dying.  We cannot imagine God the Father’s suffering as He watched what unfolded on earth.  Yet it was far from accidental.  In fact it was all part of a bigger plan that would resolve the very problem that caused Jesus’ death.

Whether we are celebrating with friends and family or commiserating with those enduring pain and grief, it is worth remembering that God has a plan that cannot fail to succeed.  We shall yet see the truth of all the things God says about His Son, including those mentioned on our candy cane verses.