How organized are you?

Bible study rarely happens by accident. It is really good to set aside times to read the Bible each day. Then the next question is, but what shall I read? If you already know your Bible well, you will be able to pick parts of it to read that relate well to a current need. Which raises another question, how do we gain sufficient familiarity with what the Bible says to know where to look in it? Again, the answer to that is to read it, read it, and read it some more! Then, with the aid of a good concordance perhaps, we’ll be able to find our way around the library we call “the Bible”.

Another question arises, especially if you have an organized mind. “If I’m going to read through the Bible repeatedly, shouldn’t I adopt some sort of reading plan, so I cover it all in a reasonable period of time?” Our answer would be, “Yes!” And we have the Bible reading plan for you.

Here is a link, and you can start following it today: Bible Reading Plan

We started with this plan almost 50 weeks ago, so those who have been using it daily will have almost their first year done. You can begin using it at any time though, since it will eventually repeat and you won’t miss a page of the Bible! In fact, if you stick with the Plan, you’ll read the whole of the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice in the space of three years.

Check it out, and get yourself organized!