“Letters to the Church”

Have you read it yet?

This is the title of a book by Francis Chan*. It is really worth reading. In some ways our small house church here is a picture of what the author is pointing people towards. Why not get hold of a copy of the book, and check it out yourself? It isn’t expensive, and its available for free from our local library if you live in Mount Forest (and have a library card!). And like other books by Francis Chan it will make you think, and hopefully make you want to get closer to God.

When you’ve read it, you may want to also think a little more about the use of the word “church”. Does it mean all Christians everywhere? If so, how could a person ever be put out of such a church (see 1 Cor.5)? It seems to us that all believers since the days of the Apostles do indeed form just one big amazing unified church, what is called by the Apostle Paul “the church which is the body of Christ” (e.g. Eph.1:22,23; Col.1:18). Then again, there are also frequent references in the New Testament to multiple churches in many different places around the world; a quite different concept. It’s worth exploring the Bible to see how God defines these two different groupings, and what His purposes and expectations are for each of them. There is plenty more about that on this website, and if you’re interested to pursue that and want to be helped by being pointed to the right places, just contact us.

In the meantime, enjoy reading!

*Published by David C Cook and also available as a Kindle e-Book