Food for Thought

One night each week we get together to read the Bible and learn from it, by exploring it’s meaning in context, considering parallel accounts in the Bible, and considering the examples found there and from the experiences of each of us. This is for adults, and especially for those with an interest in what the Bible teaches. Join us, won’t you, and enjoy the discussions, and the snacks of course!

We are currently engaged in a series of How To topics. This week we are tackling How To Pray, and here’s how we propose to consider that subject:

There is a great deal in the Bible about this essential subject, so if we are to devote just one study session to it we shall not cover all possible considerations. Many of the relevant passages of Scripture teach us about more than one aspect of prayer, so it may be inappropriate to try to just allocate them to a few starter verses after each study question. Instead, this time let’s start by doing something of a marathon “sword drill”:
Gen.18:22-33; Ezra 9:5; Job 35:13; Ps.37:4; Eccles.5:1,2; Isa.1:15; 59:1-2; Jer.29:13; Ezek.8:18; Matt.6:6,7; 7:7,8; 18:19; 21:21-22; Lk.18:1; 22:41; Jn 9:31; 15:7; 16:23; Acts 1:14; 2:41-42; 9:40; 20:36; 21:5; Rom.8:26; Eph.3:14; 6:18-20; Phil.4:6-8; Col.4:2; 1 Tim.2:1; Jas.1:6-8; 4:2; 5:15-16; 1 Jn 3:22; 5:14; Jude 1:20. [It would obviously be best to read the wider context in which each of these verses arise, but that must be left to individual study.
After this good spiritual exercise of reading to equip us, let’s attempt discussion on the following points:

  1. What should be our mind-set as we pray to God, and how may it be shown?
  2. Prayer is a general word; what specific kinds of prayer are there?*
  3. What objectives should guide our choice of words when we pray?
  4. If we are to never give up praying, how do we avoid pointless repetition?
  5. What is the right way to confess a sin to God? What is He looking for us to say?
  6. How does a knowledge of the Bible help in our prayers?
  7. What are some preconditions to God answering our prayers?
  8. What is different about a church meeting to pray (rather than just individuals)?
  9. What do we learn about prayer from the example of the Lord Jesus?
  • For this topic, it may be helpful, when you have 45 minutes (!) to review the video of the recent talk on Approaching God