Ancient history?

No, this isn’t about church elders! Well, not really, but they feature quite strongly in the book we’ve just added to our resource section. The book is called The Search for The Truth of God.

It’s about developments in Christian churches since the middle ages, with a key focus on how the Brethren Movement led to fresh insights into biblical Christianity.

And one of the aspects that was true of the first churches described in the New Testament was how each church was led and overseen by a group of elders. It is almost as if that fact was rediscovered around the late 1800’s. But it was no good just seeing truth in Scripture; the challenge was to put it into practice.

So the book, published in 1947 and written in the wordy, long sentences typical of that era, is worth reading to see why churches of God today teach and practice the things they still do. What we may take for granted was won for us by a past generation’s dedicated study and emotionally heart-wrenching application. Take some time to read it, and by all means feed back your comments.