Speaking in Tongues??

Many Christians have been troubled by the difference of views on this matter. It is a great shame that it has marked a parting of the ways between disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, for it seems there is little room for middle ground; either the practice of speaking in tongues ( as we find it today) is right or it is wrong. But it is not inconsequential!

Hopefully there is no dispute that God used this miraculous working of the Holy Spirit in New Testament times. So we may reasonably ask, why should we not see it displayed today? Or again, is what people do when they say today they are speaking in tongues the same as we read about in the Bible? We must examine the Scriptures about this in order to reach a decision.

You may be interested to check out a long-standing view of the Churches of God on this subject, published a long time ago but still relevant! You can check it out HERE.