Bible Reading Plan

Interested in taking on a commitment to read the whole Bible over three years? You will read the New Testament twice and the Old Testament once over the three year cycle.
Three readings per day are supplied. The first is generally a whole chapter, and the second may be too (but longer chapters are split conveniently). The third reading is much shorter, and provides verses related to the other readings for the day. You may find it easier to do the short reading at lunch time (if you get a lunch break!). How you tackle the readings is up to you; the big thing is committing to get them done each day, whenever you choose to do them.
The following table provides the readings for the current week. We’ll update the table weekly, so you’ll just have to keep up!
Here it is (put your cursor over the reference and it will appear in a box):

Day of the WeekFirst ReadingSecond ReadingThird Reading 
124th Week. Mk.9-15. From the Transfiguration-the Cross.
M.Mk.10:1-31Mk.10:32-52Jn 20:16
Tu.Mk.11:1-19Mk.11:20-33Jn 14:1
125th Week. Mark 15,16 & 1 & 2 Peter
Su.Mk.15:21-37Mk.15:33-47Jn 19:38
Peter's Two Letters.
Tu.1 Pet.1:1-121 Pet.1:13-2:10Isa.28:16
W.1 Pet.2:11-3:61 Pet.3:7-22Gen.7:1
Th.1 Pet.4:1-191 Pet.5:1-14Acts 12:12
F.2 Pet.1:1-212 Pet.2.1-22Matt.17:5
S.2 Pet.2:9-222 Pet.3:1-18Rev.21:1
In our Old Testament narrative portions hitherto we have read the Book of Moses and following it the books that are naturally linked thereto and form a continuation of its history, namely, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1,2 Samuel, 1,2 Kings. These carried on the history to the captivity. We have also read the books of the prophets, with the exception of the three latest—Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi. It now comes to us to read the independent narrative, constituting the First and Second Books of Chronicles, probably written by Ezra. We shall, however, interrupt our reading of the Chronicles to read through the Psalms again and to repeat our reading of certain portions of the New Testament. First, then, we give three weeks to 1 Chronicles. The early chapters may seem a little dry and uninteresting, but they abundantly repay attentive perusaL.
The First Book of Chronicles.
126th Week. 1 Chron.1-8. Genealogies.
Su.1 Chron.1:1-331 Chron.1:34-54Gen.21:2, 3
M.1 Chron.2:1-331 Chron.2:34-552 Kgs.10:15 ; Jer.35:2
Tu.1 Chron.3:1-241 Chron.4:1-23Rom.6:13
W.1 Chron.4:24-431 Chron.5:1-262 Kgs.17:6
Th.1 Chron.6:1-301 Chron.6:31-53Ex.28:1
F.1 Chron.6:54-811 Chron.7:1-13Deut.33:23
S.1 Chron.7:14-401 Chron.8:1-401 Sam.9:1,2
127th Week. 1 Chron.9-18. David's Reign.
Su.1 Chron.9:1-181 Chron.9:19-44Neh.11:3
M.1 Chron.10:1-141 Chron.11:1-92 Sam.21:12-14
Tu.1 Chron.11:10-471 Chron.12:1-18Heb.13:12,13
W.1 Chron.12:19-401 Chron.13:1-14Ex.25:12
Th.1 Chron.14:1-171 Chron.15:1-16:3Ps.132:8
F.1 Chron.16:4-361 Chron.16:37-43Ps.106:48
S.1 Chron.17:1-271 Chron.18:1-172 Tim.2:12

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