Bible Reading Plan

Interested in taking on a commitment to read the whole Bible over three years? You will read the New Testament twice and the Old Testament once over the three year cycle.
Three readings per day are supplied. The first is generally a whole chapter, and the second may be too (but longer chapters are split conveniently). The third reading is much shorter, and provides verses related to the other readings for the day. You may find it easier to do the short reading at lunch time (if you get a lunch break!). How you tackle the readings is up to you; the big thing is committing to get them done each day, whenever you choose to do them. If you click on the reference, it will open an online Bible at that point.
The following table provides the readings for the current week. We’ll update the table weekly, so you’ll just have to keep up!
Here it is:

Day of the WeekFirst ReadingSecond ReadingThird Reading 
The Book of Isaiah
89th Week. Isa.52-66 Jehovah's Servant.
Su.Isa.52:1-15Isa.53:1-12Jn 12:37,38; 1 Pet.2:25; Acts 8:32
M.Isa.54:1-17Isa.55:1-132 Cor.9.10
W.Isa.58:1-14Isa.59:1-21Rom.3:15-17; Rom.11:26,27
S.Isa.65:13-66:4Isa.66:5-24Acts 7:49,50
We now return to the New Testament, which we have already read through once, and this time we commence with Luke and Acts.
The Gospel According to Luke
90th Week. Lk.1-6. The Birth of the Lord and some of His works
W.Lk.2:40-52Lk.3:1-22Acts 1:5
Th.Lk.3:23-38Lk.4:1-301 Kgs.17:9,23
S.Lk.5:17-39Lk.6:1-11Jn 3:19,20
91st Week. Lk.6-11. Words and Works of the Lord Jesus
Su.Lk.6:12-38Lk.6:39-49Jn 13:13
Th.Lk.9:7-27Lk.9:28-45Jn 17:6

If you happen to fall behind in your reading, and want to be reminded of the schedule for a date that is no longer shown in the above table, just send us a note using the Contact page in the Top menu on this page and we’ll provide details you need.

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