Someone said that democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others! And that may well be generally true in public affairs. Democracy relies on the ability of the people to express their choices. It is easy to take sides and think another person’s ideas about political issues are wrong or even dangerous. The majority view may be the wrong view, and the right decision may not be held strongly enough to convince others. These are inevitable weaknesses. The Christian will want to think through how they should be addressed. Is highly visible political involvement the way to go, so that Christians end up in positions of power? That is currently a strategy being followed by other faiths, and when they become dominant Christians are victimized. However, people of self-proclaimed Christian faith have exhibited significant weaknesses when placed in positions of authority.
Recent elections around the world have certainly showed how unpredictable outcomes may be. And younger people are showing signs of greater political awareness, and a readiness to vote in order to bring about changes. But have they thought through the biggest issue of God’s plans for this world?
Our article on voting attempts to point Christians in a different direction, with different objectives. Read about it here.

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