So what are you?

“Who” we are is sometimes the challenging question today. We are living in a world where identity crisis has become a familiar complaint.

God has given us a real identity, each of us is a person able to think and act and relate to God.

How do we do those things? Are we just a bundle of cells? Well, that doesn’t seem to add up. No scientist can just bring chemicals together and make it alive; only living things can be used to make more living things. But where did that life come from in the first place, and what are the true necessary components for a human life?

There is no shortage of opinions! People who study the Bible carefully will know that at least three terms are used when describing people. They undeniably have bodies. Then there are invisible aspects that the Bible talks about that can’t be assessed under a microscope, but we know we have them from the Bible’s statements. Here, we just want to think about human beings having not only bodies, but spirits and souls as well. We might even be able to say the Bible in different places says we ARE: our bodies, our spirits, our souls, using just one of those descriptions whenever the emphasis needs to be placed on one particular aspect.

This is getting too complicated! So we’ve added a whole page in our website to provide a better introduction to the subject. You’ll find it by simply clicking HERE.