Christmas Parade

Friday night here is the annual Christmas Parade night!

This brings an opportunity to hand out candy canes. There is folklore about the origin of candy canes, which perhaps has little basis in fact. It would be nice to think that when we give these gifts to very appreciative children along the parade route, they will see some significance to them, or perhaps ask about why they are the shape they are for instance. People have thought they are in the shape of a “J” to remind us of Jesus. And they are white with red stripes to remind us that after a spotless life His blood was shed, when He took God’s punishment for our wrongdoings. No doubt we can think of other things about them that may remind us of Bible truth, though it is quite likely all our best thoughts will not be shared by the youngsters who receive the candy canes; they just enjoy the treat, and we are very glad that’s the case.

However, we do want everyone (parents and children!) to know what the Bible does say about Jesus, so we attach to each candy cane a label with a couple of descriptive Bible verses. Check it out in the picture if you can, but better still come and see the real thing at the Parade if you can.