The Mount Forest House Church is one of the Churches of God. There are many others all around the world, and all share the same fundamental beliefs and seek to practice Christianity just as presented in the Bible.  Click on their logo on the right to reach the global website.

To join any Church of God is to join all of them, the global fellowship operating in various countries, cultures and languages, yet all unified in a desire to implement biblical Christianity. Therefore, whatever your background you are welcome to visit us, and measure up what you see against the Bible’s descriptions and prescriptions for churches. In the meantime please check out the information on the Basic Beliefs page.

You’ll see that all churches of God meet weekly to honour the “first of all” instruction of 1 Cor.11:18-26 regarding keeping the command of the Lord Jesus to remember Him (1 Cor.11:24) on the first day of the week (Acts 20:6-7). Hence the picture here, which highlights this priority.

The Churches of God are patterned in all they do on the gatherings of disciples of Christ as seen in the New Testament. Because doctrinal errors and bad practices crept into Christian churches in the early centuries, it became necessary go back to the original design found in the Bible, and seek to apply it again. This was not achieved all at once, but by the middle of the 19th century many clear Bible truths had been rediscovered, and practised again. This ongoing desire – to please God by closely following Bible examples – resulted in the late 1800s in the need for disciples to cease to be part of the so-called “Brethren Movement”, which would not agree to put into practice all of the Bible’s requirements. Churches of God was the name then applied to believers who were determined to take the difficult path of more closely following Bible expectations.
This summary cannot do justice to obvious questions in the minds of keen Bible students, but we invite a review of this website (including the background provided at our “Who We Are” page) and then further enquiry.

The Church of God in action