We’re there!

For a listing of locations worldwide, see: Fellowship Website

We show pictures of the places where the church meets, in case you are looking for them on the street. Of course, the church is not the building but the people who meet there. So walk in, and introduce yourself to the real church!

Churches of God meeting in other locations in Canada:

Fairview Gospel Hall, 46 Evelyn Street (Corner of Evelyn/Albert Street), Brantford, Ontario N3R 3H1

Sheldon Gospel Hall, 186 Annabelle Street, Hamilton, Ontario L9C 6P6
Website: http://sheldongospelhall.com/
email: [email protected]

Sheppard Gospel Hall, 720 Sheppard Avenue West, North
York, Toronto, Ontario M3H 2S6
Website: http://www.cogtoronto.ca

The Church at 60th & Cambie, 505 West 61st Avenue, Vancouver V6P 1Z7,
Telephone: (604) 321-5645
email: [email protected]

Maplewood Gospel Hall, 1159 Tolmie Avenue, Victoria, British Columbia V8X 2H7
email: [email protected]

The Church of God in action