Isn’t it interesting that so many people are concerned about whether they will remain healthy tomorrow, yet so few are concerned about what happens after they die? No one would want the current worsening virus scare to be regarded simply as a wake-up call. However, for a lot of people it would be appropriate to focus more attention right away on eternal things. Christians have answers that non-Christians need.

One issue that sadly seems to result in differences of view among Christians is if you can lose your salvation. We need to pass on the good news that being saved from the penalty of our sins is not something we can ever earn, so God has paid for it in full, by Himself. The sacrifice of Christ is totally sufficient. If He saves us, and gives us eternal life, but would then take that life away, it simply would then not have been “eternal” life in the first place!

If you are unsure on this subject of eternal security, why not read up on it from the material here. It is good news, but it is really great news, and we should not sell the Gospel short by missing out this great blessing it includes.