The Pharisee and the Tax Collector

For some clear explanations of Jesus’ parable about the Pharisee and the tax collector who went to the temple to pray, please listen to this recording; just click on the following link:


If you thought you knew this parable inside out, you’ll most likely find these insights and challenges different and very helpful

Turkey, Venezuela, Brexit, etc…Voting?

Someone said that democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others! And that may well be generally true in public affairs. Democracy relies on the ability of the people to express their choices. It is easy to take sides and think another person’s ideas about political issues are wrong or even dangerous. The majority view may be the wrong view, and the right decision may not be held strongly enough to convince others. These are inevitable weaknesses. The Christian will want to think through how they should be addressed. Is highly visible political involvement the way to go, so that Christians end up in positions of power? That is currently a strategy being followed by other faiths, and when they become dominant Christians are victimized. However, people of self-proclaimed Christian faith have exhibited significant weaknesses when placed in positions of authority.
Recent elections around the world have certainly showed how unpredictable outcomes may be. And younger people are showing signs of greater political awareness, and a readiness to vote in order to bring about changes. But have they thought through the biggest issue of God’s plans for this world?
Our article on voting attempts to point Christians in a different direction, with different objectives. Read about it here.

Is it Inevitable?

Do we all have limitless free will?  Or does God predetermine every detail of our lives, including how we will respond to the Gospel?

If we were God, would we design a robot with artificial intelligence, or would homo sapiens be better?

This is a potentially complex subject, but a contribution to understanding the ramifications will be found in our Podcasts and Resources section.

Check it out here 

Food for Men

Every other Monday evening (except during Summer) a bunch of Christian guys get together to study the Bible. We try to get through a chapter each time, but sometimes we are noticeably slower than that! You’ll see from the pic that we have a wide age range, but that doesn’t stop us getting into studies at a depth that anyone would find challenging. We hope that guys reading this are already involved in a Bible study like this, but if not and you want to come along to ours, you’d be welcome. Use the CONTACT details to get in touch.


Ask to join the Food for Men FaceBook page at: FFM
Guys attend from Mount Forest, Durham and Markdale, and we’re happy to extend those boundaries!
Latest study: The Book of Hebrews

CORD Weekend

Couples from the Mount Forest House Church enjoyed time at the CORD weekend.  It was a retreat (or rather “Advance”!) for couples of all ages.  Held at the lovely Guelph Bible Conference Centre, and very capably run by Chris and Alissa Seddon of the church here.

CORD stands for “Couples Operating Relationships Diligently” and refers to the “threefold cord that is not easily broken” mentioned in the Bible (Eccles.4:12). A marriage that unites the couple in a joint relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ has the potential for the greatest love, strength and durability.

This was the second CORD event, and we’re looking forward to another really beneficial gathering next year, God willing.

CORD Weekend

For our blog post on our CORD weekend, see the newer post above.
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