This is healthy!

Just to pass on the following impressions after reading a report by a Harvard professor of epidemiology. The findings showed Chris­tian church attendance is enormously valuable. For instance, it contributes positively to physical health, as well as substantially improving mental health. Other positive impacts include making people more optimistic, reducing depression, helping protect against suicide, increasing the likelihood of stable marriage, and generally improving a personal sense of meaning. It also favourably impacts levels of charitable giving and volunteer­ing. And, unsurprisingly, it helps provide a good social network. (Don’t just accept that, be ready to fact-check it, and please contact us for a reading list)

It just goes to show we are right to be concerned about the current necessity to “shelter in”, stay at home, and keep at least 6 feet from everyone else. Those are currently essential, and contribute benefits to health, personally and for everyone around; we strongly endorse public compliance with such advice. But inevitably these temporary constraints can have negative effects too, so by all means count the days until you can get back to a good, uplifting church Bible study! And in the meantime compensate as much as possible for the lack of getting together by using virtual meetings to share your Christian faith with others. We can help with that too.