I’m NOT like that!

Ever had to come to your own defence using words like that? Many have. We are naturally concerned when people get a wrong impression about us. They mistakenly think we have done things that we have not, or that we have acted in a manner quite different from the person we really are. That’s life, as they say!

But would God not have the right to correct the record if people had mistaken perceptions about Him? He does, and He has. In the Bible there are at least seven places where God has to clarify that He is NOT like people think He is.

Check out the video talk at this link: https://bit.ly/2yuR1SR You can download it from there and watch at the best time for you. It’s subject is what God is NOT like, even though in the minds of some people they have developed a wrong perception about God. So He corrects the record.

Check out the video, and by all means comment! Especially if you have some correct things to say about God. He doesn’t need us to defend Him, but it is right for us to speak accurately about the God in whom we “live, and move, and have our being”. Worth getting it right!