Daily Bible Reading

For those who have been following our Bible reading plan, you will see we are reaching completion of our three-year long task! Well done. This week, or next if you’re a little behind, we will conclude reading Revelation and start all over again at Genesis chapter 1 verse 1!

We encourage you to adopt the discipline of daily reading of God’s word. Our suggested outline will hopefully match the commitment of time you are able to make. We do provide a daily Bible text of course, at the top of our blog each morning. But those random verses need supplementing with a spiritually healthy daily routine that enables you to see each verse in its broader context.

So congratulations to all those who have completed the 3-year task, and for those still on the way, don’t give up! We must all allow the Holy Spirit to remind us of what we need to know from God’s word, so let us not make His task difficult.