We’re on TV!

Because we have not been able to invite people in to our church meetings because of the pandemic, we have instead tried to take our meetings out to the public. Each Saturday night we can be seen on Wightman TV channel 6, at 8:00pm.

You may not be a Wightman subscriber, or even be in their broadcast area, but you can still see our programs. We have uploaded them to our Youtube channel. By all means check them out here.

There you’ll find 30-minute programs from our past year’s talks. We usually try to also include some Christian music/singing, which we hope will be to your liking. Most of it is rather traditional, but check it out: the lyrics are always great!

If what you watch interests you, by all means contact us with your comments or questions, or tell us what subjects you’d like us to cover in our future talks. We’re listening too!