Why study Leviticus?

To some Bible readers, Leviticus is quite a challenge. It seems to be very detailed, and also mainly a record of God’s expectations of His people Israel. But in fact, those details can be very revealing, even for us as 21st century Christians.

We have therefore added, in our Resources Section, an extract addressing this subject from Bible Studies magazine. Although originally published in 1938 the content should stir the mind of anyone wanting to see Christ “in all the Scriptures” (Lk.24:27). Click HERE to check it out. The advantage of reading this online is that all the Scripture references can be seen just by clicking on them.

Allow yourself plenty of time to review this material, and be prepared to meet a few expressions and spellings that are less used today than they were in the 1930s. We expect you will, however, agree that the subject matter, and the thought-provoking treatment of the topics by Dr Doodson are well worth the extra effort.

For those who prefer to read on Kindle, click here for a link to this material on that device. There is more information about the author in the preface to the Kindle book.